Complaints Procedure

Barclay Specialist Care Limited understands complaints to be an expression of dissatisfaction requiring a response, communicated verbally, electronically, or in writing. Complaints may be made by any users of the service, their family or advocate acting on their behalf, with their consent or in their best interests We take complaints seriously for your continuing healthcare or personal healthcare budget care package and will aim to put things right that have gone wrong and learn lessons to avoid the problem happening again. You can also download our complete complaints policy here or from the link at the bottom of this page.

Raising a Complaint


A complaint can be received by Barclay Specialist Care Limited either verbally or in writing and can be made by:


  • Service Users

  • Someone acting on behalf of a Service User and with their written consent, e.g. an advocate, relative, Member of Parliament

  • Someone acting on behalf of a Service User who is unable to represent his or her own interests, provided this does not conflict with the Service User’s right to confidentiality or a previously expressed wish of the Service User


Step 1


When a complaint is raised to staff, staff will make an effort to resolve it immediately to the satisfaction of the complainant.


Step 2


Staff will apologise for the fact there was the need to complain in the first instance and explain the complaints process as described in the procedure steps.


Step 3


Staff will report the complaint to the most senior member of staff on duty and the complaint will be logged.


Step 4


Formal acknowledgement of the complaint will be sent within 72 hours of receipt to the complainant, this could be via letter or email.


The acknowledgement will include:


  • An invitation to meet and discuss the complaint

  • Who will be investigating the complaint

  • How the investigation will be handled - the response should state what the investigation will be focussed on

  • A time limit for the investigation to be concluded. This should be 28 days, however, some cases may take longer and the complainant will be made aware of this

  • The complaints procedure and contact details of bodies that can be accessed in the event of dissatisfaction with the outcome of the investigation


Step 5


Following a full investigation, a response letter will be sent and this will include the full outcome.​


Step 6


The complaint will be closed once confirmation has been received that there is satisfaction with the outcome. In the event of dissatisfaction, Barclay Specialist Care Limited will support the complainant to access further support. 

Barclay Specialist Care Limited will comply with legislation, national guidelines, regulation and best practice when managing complaints and suggestions. A systematic approach will be taken with all aspects of complaints and suggestions.

To ensure that our complaints and compliments process is fair and transparent we will not discriminate directly or indirectly because of;


  • Age

  • Being or becoming a transsexual/transgender person

  • Being married or in a civil partnership

  • Being pregnant or on maternity leave

  • Disability

  • Race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin

  • Religion, belief or lack of religion/belief

  • Sex

  • Sexual orientation